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Accern - Release Notes
Accern - Release Notes
Written by Prajwal Shet
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May 11, 2023


  • We have added Provider Doc ID field under document classification in NLP models so that when the provider doc id is added by a third party user in the push API data source, the user will be seeing it as an output field in the delivery.


  • We fixed the issue with redirection of page to welcome dashboard after the start of an usecase. We have optimised the navigation from the review usecase screen to the usecase summary screen.

  • We have optimised the refresh process after clicking the taxonomy sync button. Now the system will not show loading text for infinite time.

  • We have removed the "Time to Finish Processing" widget from the new usecase summary screen so that we can improve the algorithm and show a better estimate of the usecase completion for you.


April 19, 2023


  • We fixed the issue with running multiple bulk taxonomy usecases across the platfrom.

  • We fixed the UI issue where the Snowflake delivery connector three dot menu option was showing 'Info' two times

  • We fixed the issue where the Error message is shown after providing accurate configuration info for snowflake data source and delivery connectors.

  • We fixed the issue with UI throwing “Failed to start solution” error message while starting bulk taxonomy usecases.


March 18, 2023


  • We have updated the redirection so that you can access a dashboard link ( For example a Premium Analytics dashboard) without being redirected to the Welcome screen when you're already logged into the platform.

  • We fixed the issue where internal server error was observed when pushing data into API data source connector.

  • We fixed the issue with the time zone mismatch between Review Use Case page and Delivery Frequency popup.

  • We have updated the conditional formatting for all panels of the Premium Analytics dashboard except for the Heat map charts of Entity vs Event Heatmap template as the conditional formatting values are not applicable for this widget.


February 4, 2023


  • The platform is now capable of processing a use case with any number of custom taxonomies you desire in addition to all the taxonomy configurations available within our platform! With this release, you have the opportunity to deploy a single use case with large set of Taxonomy selections, enabling you to gain more data insights.


  • We fixed the issue with the error message on historical date selection fields when same date is selected for ‘From’ and ‘To’.

  • You will now be able to select a frequency and see it updated on delivery page after applying changes more quicker as we have optimised the selection process.

  • We fixed the issues with invalid email validation and Terms and conditions checkbox errors in the registration page of the platform.

  • In a realtime use case, the 'Update Use Case!' button was still be seen even if no changes are done. We have now fixed it and you will be able to access data from the summary screen and not see the update use case button again, unless you make any changes to the use case!


January 11, 2023

New Features:

  • We are thrilled to introduce a new usecase summary screen to the platform! The new design will help users understand the progress and output summary of an usecase once it is deployed. Users will now have more visibility and access over the usecase configurations on a single screen.


  • We will now show an error message in the review usecase screen if the historical dates are not selected for any of the selected Data Sources which will help the users to select and review the historical time range before starting the usecase.

  • We fixed the issue where NLP Entity classification would be disabled on NLP models if any of the Data Sources are not selected.

  • To make it easier for the user to find the delivery integrations, we have sorted the recently added delivery integrations so that they appear at the top of the list of delivery tiles.

  • We have fixed the issue where units estimation was updating inconsistently in the delivery frequency selection.


December 6, 2022


  • We have updated the label buttons of historical date selection modal while saving and applying changes. So, now you can save the dates first, then apply the changes after reviewing the units.

  • We have added a helper text which will tell you the filename format supported for uploading files without hassle in data sources.


  • We fixed the issue where the Loading text was not seen until the units are displayed in the delivery frequency modal.

  • We fixed the issue with 'Cancel & Back' button in delivery frequency which will now show the three delivery options in case of historical frequency selection at first.

  • Fixed the issue with redundant redirection and will now be redirected to the welcome dashboard if you don't have access to premium analytics.

  • Fixed the issue where a new user account was not able to access a premium dashboard for the first time.


November 16, 2022

New Features:

  • System will show "Failed to estimate units'' in the delivery frequency modal if API fails to estimate the units.


  • We fixed the mismatch in estimated units on AI marketplace page and on delivery frequency page.

  • Fixed the issue with Accern Premium Analytics creation while reloading.

  • Fixed issue with app crashing when user clicks on 'Import Tag' for the first time after logging in.

  • Entity Details and Event Details text in signals panel in Access Dashboard are updated to Entity Sentiment and Event Sentiment.

  • Company name is updated to Entity name in Entity details table in Access dashboard.


October 18, 2022

New Features:

  • Something new in Premium Analytics! Yes, you can now drill down on values in each panel to get further insights. You’ll also be able to change the panel layout. That’s not it, you can also edit and save a lot more features in your premium analytics dashboard.

  • You will be able to delete the premium analytics integration from the delivery section in UI.

  • Our platform will detect and warn you if your data sources have failed so that you can restart them until it’s live to successfully run your usecase.


  • We fixed the file type dropdown for Data connectors which now shows the supported file types in data sources.

  • We improved the users experience of selecting delivery frequency and fixed issues with loading the delivery frequency popup.

  • You can now see the status of your delivery integration after starting your usecase by hovering over the delivery tiles in your usecase review screen.


September 16, 2022

New Features:

  • Added default filters to Premium Analytics Dashboard for better usability.


  • Reloading a failed Premium Analytics integration should get the Analytics dashboard up and running.

  • The platform will show the users if the data sources have no data and will avoid selection of historical dates thereby showing the necessary unit estimation.

  • User will be able to select dates for custom data sources for running historical or scheduled pipelines and will not face any invalid date error.


August 24, 2022


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from deleting Delivery Integrations.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent data source connectors from restarting when failing.

  • Fixed an issue where users wouldn't be able to get units estimation.


August 10, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where scheduled Use Cases would not start on the pre-defined interval.

  • Fixed issue where multiple data sources would not appear on the Historical Dates config screen.

  • Fixed an issue where event information would not appear on the details dialog on the Accern Dashboard.


July 27, 2022

New Features:

  • We added AWS as a new provider for translation. Now you can choose the provider that better works for your target languages.


  • Fixed issue where there was a Predicted Units mismatch in delivery frequency and Review Use Case screens.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from accessing the premium dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Use Cases with long names from starting.

  • Fixed issues related to viewing or editing live or completed historical or scheduled workflows.


June 20, 2022

New Features:

  • We are excited to introduce our new Premium analytics offering. Now you can use advanced visualizations and analytics to explore your output data.


  • Fixed an issue where users wouldn't be able to add new users to their organization.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from training a sentiment model.

  • Fixed an issue where pre-build Use Cases wouldn't be displayed to users.


June 03, 2022


  • Fixed issues relating to importing Taxonomies via CSV upload

  • Fixed issues with trial registration steps to create a smooth flow of registration; removed workspace field

  • Fixed issues where the units were not updating every 2 mins across all pages

  • Fixed issues with about entity feature where the signals were not generated after uploading CSV file with AccernID


May 02, 2022

New Features:

  • We are excited to open the NoCodeNLP platform for a free trial. You can now explore Accern's platform for free and understand how Accern can help you solve your NLP challenges.

  • We introduced a new home screen with sample dashboards and better onboarding to help you get started.


April 12, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where users wouldn't be able to select an Accern Data Store as delivery.

  • Fixed issues with creating scheduled use cases regarding providing the interval of execution.

  • Fixed issue that prevented user from using ticker for mapping during taxonomy import.


March 2, 2022

New Features:

  • This version introduces a new and easier way to start with the platform. The new Marketplace contains a set of pre-set use cases that you can activate with just a few clicks.

  • We are adding a new option to how frequently you want data to be delivered. The scheduled option allows you to choose how often you want data delivered. It enables you to update your data in fixed daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


  • Fixed issue with CSV download from feed API

  • Fixed issue where use cases filters were not working properly

  • Fixed issue where dates were not being set correctly for historical use cases


December 8, 2021

New Features:

  • We are excited to introduce a new home dashboard to the platform. The new home screen will help users quickly onboard by providing some shortcuts to the most common tasks. It also gives you an overview of the status of your use cases and if there is any issue with one of your custom connectors.


  • Fixed issue where recent data would use incorrect timezone when filtering.

  • Fixed issue where file upload wasn't reading the file correctly.

  • Fixed issue where the screen would crash while selecting taxonomies.


November 17, 2021

New Features:

  • We are making storing and accessing data in the platform easier by introducing our new Accern Data Store. Now you can store the output of use cases and access it using different strategies or APIs.


  • Fixed issue where recent data would use incorrect timezone when filtering.

  • Fixed issue where file upload wasn't reading the file correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would crash while selecting taxonomies.


October 20, 2021

New Features:

  • We are improving our support for foreign languages, allowing for the historical processing of articles in foreign languages.

  • We are excited to introduce support for translation from foreign languages to English.


  • Fixed issue where source filters were not being saved

  • Fixed an issue where the user couldn't find a use case.

  • Fixed an issue where data wouldn't show up in the feed API.


September 13, 2021

New Features:

  • We are excited to introduce an all-new design to the platform! The interface is now more straightforward, allowing users to focus on the most critical steps of each task. The new design also increases ease of use with improved loading states and popovers to enable users to check the current configuration of a use case quickly.

  • New data connectors allow users to import and export data to more data sources.

  • The platform now supports pushing articles through REST API, allowing users to add articles programmatically to the platform.

  • It is now possible to see rich information about a source- users can check how many articles each source has, the number of new articles each day, and even search to check if some relevant information is present in the data source.

  • Users can now easily filter to see only their entities and events to track.


  • Fixed issues that could estimate the wrong number of units.

  • Fixed an issue where selected sources were not being correctly saved.

  • Fixed an issue where the duplicate use case option would yield unexpected results.

  • Fixed issue with dates for historical jobs not respecting different timezones.


August 11, 2021

New Features:

  • The AI platform now has full support for custom sentiment models; users can provide feedback through a small set of examples and steer our out-of-box model to reflect their understanding of the sentiment better.

  • Our out-of-box streams of data now support source selection. Are you interested only in crypto news? No problem, choose our news stream and select our source set containing only top crypto sources.

  • Improved feedback on password rules.

  • S3 connectors now support cross-account strategy for authentication.


  • Fixed issues with date selection for historical use cases.

  • Fixed issues where a use case wouldn't read data from a new custom source.

  • Fixed an issue where the system would not show proper feedback on wrong password.

  • Fixed issue where a connector wouldn't show the proper status.

  • Fixed issue where data wouldn't properly save when importing entities and themes.


June 07, 2021

New Features:

  • The AI platform now has out-of-box support for SEC Filings, users can now select this source as one of our premium data sources.

  • Users now have more control over the integrations they create on the platform, the system will notify users if something is wrong with the integration and allows users to fix the issue and restart the integration.

  • Improved speed of the review use case screen.

  • Users can now see the time period selected for previously started historical use cases.

  • There is now better support for companies without exchange information.


  • Fixed an issue with selecting dates for historical use cases where dates would be improperly set.

  • Updated password strength feedback for more clarity.

  • Fix issues with S3 connectors which would prevent them from starting.

  • Fixed issues with deploying feed APIs.


February 8, 2021


This release includes lots of bug fixes and improvements that makes the experience with the app better, but also prepares the system for future features. We also added a new integration with Power BI which makes it easier for Power BI users to consume the data produced by the platform.

New Features:

  • Power BI Integration: Users now can connect to Power BI and push data directly to datasets on the Power BI platform without the need of intermediate databases.


  • Bulk transfer or delete use cases when deleting a user: When deleting a user, we now have an easier way to deal with use cases associated with that user. Admins can request the system to transfer the use cases to another user, or simply delete the use cases.

  • Better internal handling of models: We have a better management of sentiment models deployment allowing the platform to run more and heavier historical pipelines.


January 08, 2021

New Features:

  • Native Input/Output Foreign Language Support: Users can now import work with foreign language without the need of translation. Users can build taxonomies on the desired language and process documents in that language in the same way as they are used to do with English. Foreign language is available on Accern’s News and Blogs datastores as well as on the premium Naviga source.

  • Read-Only Users: Administrators can now create read-only users, those users can get access to the platform to see use cases configurations as well as log into kibana to see dashboards.

  • New Sentence Based Slop Segmentation: Slops now are generated by a new sentence detection algorithm, this allows the system to always deliver full sentences allowing for easier interpretation of the signals generated.

  • New Sentiment Model: The system now uses a new and improved sentiment model that takes advantage of our news slop segmentation algorithm to deliver 93.5% accuracy.


  • Custom Taxonomy Field Value Selection: When creating a taxonomy, the system now allows the users to select values rather than typing for fields like sector, exchanges, industry among others.

  • Better feedback when deploying connectors: The system now provides better feedback when it fails to deploy a connector for custom data. Users now will be notified if a required parameter is missing as well as if any has an invalid value.

  • Better validation on taxonomies: The platform now provides better validation for required values when creating or updating a taxonomy.

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