Instead of going through the list or manually searching on the platform, here’s a tip to help you select multiple taxonomies for the use case at once.

Step 1. First, you need to prepare a CSV file to map the entities or events of interest. In the CSV, you will need at least one column with the companies' identifiers (see example below). It can be either Name, FIGI code, or Ticker. For selecting Event Taxonomies, all you need is just the Event names.

Step 2. When you build a use case, in the Taxonomy section, click on Upload CSV. Once you upload the file, the field mapping window will pop up and automatically map the columns on the CSV file to the platform.

You can also select the field manually by simply clicking on the drop-down icon. Please note that you don't have to map all the fields on the platform, just one is sufficient. Click Search to proceed.

Step 3. After searching for the companies/events, the platform will show you a list of the Search results and notify you if any taxonomy is missing. You can review the list and click Confirm to add these taxonomies to your use case.

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