Step 1. In the Data Source section, click on the Import Data tile to start uploading the files.

Step 2. The Import Data Source window will pop up. Enter the Connection Name and select a data category from the dropdown list or create a new category. Data Category is very useful for organizing your data.

Step 3. Click on Upload Data and select Files from the Data Source field dropdown. Select the type of files from the File Type field dropdown.

  • Upload CSV or JSONL format file(s) and provide the mapping to the information contained in the file(s) after uploading.

  • Upload TEXT or PDF format file(s) and click the checkbox to enter the Entity Name from the filename (If you have named….).


1. A single file size shouldn’t exceed 150 MB. You can add multiple files at a time.

2. When uploading multiple files, files should have the same fields as the first uploaded file.

Step 4. Click on Save & Add Data. A tile will be generated in the Data Source section. This can be toggled on or off for your use cases.

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