1. Create Individual Taxonomy via the User Interface

  2. Create Multiple Taxonomies using CSV templates

Create Individual Taxonomy via the User Interface

Step 1. Click on the "AutoML Taxonomy" section and the "New" button to create your custom entity and events taxonomies.

Step 2. The New Taxonomy window will pop up. Select the Taxonomy Type that you'd like to build from the dropdown list and fill out the required fields accordingly. You can also explore the advanced options for more defined and granular taxonomies. After finishing the configuration, click Add Taxonomy to proceed.

Step 3. The newly created taxonomy will appear on the list with DRAFT status. Before using the taxonomy to build any use case, please wait 4-5 minutes and change it to LIVE status by clicking the Sync icon button (next to New and Import) and refreshing the page or go back to the homepage and click on AutoML Taxonomy section again.

Step 4. As you review the results and iterate, you can always edit or delete the taxonomy. Click on the Pen icon to edit and the Trash icon on the right corner to delete. If you edit any custom taxonomy, it will change from LIVE to the DIRTY status. Please wait 4-5 minutes post-editing, then click the Sync button and refresh the page to ensure they are in LIVE status again before you use them for any use cases​.

Create Multiple Taxonomy using CSV template

Step 1. If you'd like to create multiple taxonomies at once, you have the option to import the configuration using the AutoML Taxonomy template (see file attached), instead of creating individual taxonomies through the UI like option 1. Please fill out the required columns and add new rows for more taxonomy. Note that in the file, there are two attached, one for Entity Taxonomy and one for Event Taxonomy, please use accordingly.

Download the template here

Example: Creating US Equity Taxonomy

Step 2. After completing the CSV file, click on the Import button. The Import New Tags window will pop up and you can upload your AutoML Taxonomy template CSV. Click Next.

The Import New Tags window will pop up and you can upload your AutoML Taxonomy template CSV. Click Next.

Step 3. The next step is mapping the columns on the CSV file to the required fields on the platform, like the screenshot below. Click Add to proceed. The taxonomies have been created and appear on the list in DRAFT status. Follow the same steps of syncing and refreshing the page to change it to LIVE status before using.

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